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Revolutionizing Holistic Wellness with Advanced Energy Measurement Technologies for Healers and Researchers

Unlock the Unseen Science of Bioenergy

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Doctors gave him 2 weeks to live, years ago!

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Our founder, Nima Farshid, embarked on a transformative healing journey after being given just two weeks to live due to an abnormal EKG. At the age of 33, instead of accepting a pacemaker, he took control of his wellness by traveling the world and learning from leading scientists and healers. Join his mission to educate the world on holistic healing and unlock the innate healing power within each of us.

After healing his symptoms, Nima Farshid now serves as the global innovator and educator at Bio-Well, overseeing a network of over 1,500 holistic wellness practitioners. He has developed proprietary software that enables his centers and practitioners to function as a cohesive global team, dedicated to enhancing people's experiences on earth through holistic wellness.

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Nima is a software engineer with a background in pre-med studies and four years of experience in law. A dedicated researcher, he believes that bridging the gap between science and spirituality can empower many to live better lives. Since 2012, Nima has been exploring various holistic technologies and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in natural medicine. He has chosen Bio-Well as his preferred research device to illuminate the unseen science of energy and healing. Nima's focus is on healing people, places, and water bodies, viewing Gaia as the mother of all. By using Bio-Well's technologies to measure environmental energy, water energy, and people's biofields, he aims to enlighten and heal our world.

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