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Energy Field Analysis

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This book presents the state of the art, principles, and ideas of Electrophotonic analysis based on the Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) technique, known as well as Electrophotonic Imaging (EPI). This approach, celebrating now 20 years after developing the first GDV instrument, has a strong scientific foundation with thousands of researchers, doctors, and practitioners using it in the world. Electrophotonic methods allow studying of Energy Fields of humans, water, materials, and the environment. Conceptual background and practical approaches are presented in this book.
In recent years, continuing research has accumulated a large volume of experimental data, and doctors have created patient databases with detailed analysis. This data makes it possible to formulate a number of new approaches and ideas. The main purpose of this book is to help experts, doctors, psychologists, and researchers to interpret EPI Bioelectrography data. Considering the diverse levels of training and qualifications among our readers, we have tried to present the information simply and directly, and without the use of specialized terms and mathematical expressions wherever possible. For this reason, we only touch briefly on the question of EPI parameters and their use when interpreting data. This book is written in the style of a study aid aimed at learning and consultation rather than for light reading. The material is reviewed with many examples. By reading the book and looking at the images, you will easily assimilate the principle of EPI data analysis.
Energy Field Analysis - Gaia Healers
Energy Field Analysis Sale price$45.00