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Bio-Well Bio-Cor

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Bio Cor: Elevating Your Well-Being through Bioresonance Technology

Introducing Bio Cor, a revolutionary bioresonance accessory designed to enhance your wellness journey by harnessing the power of energy and frequency. With its cutting-edge features and transformative capabilities, Bio Cor empowers you to optimize your physical, mental, and energetic health in remarkable ways.

Key Features:

  1. Binaural Beats Generation: Bio Cor transforms the audio data generated by the Bio-Well into powerful binaural beats. These beats can be experienced through specialized headphones that separate channels from right to left, promoting deep relaxation, mental clarity, and heightened well-being.

  2. Water Charger: Immerse yourself in the world of structured water. Bio Cor's water charging function infuses water with harmonizing frequencies, making it an essential tool for those who wish to revitalize their body and mind through structured water consumption.

  3. High-Frequency Emitter: Bio Cor emits therapeutic frequencies that can positively influence your energetic state. These frequencies promote balance and harmony, allowing you to optimize your well-being on both physical and energetic levels.


  • Holistic Wellness: Bio Cor fosters a holistic approach to well-being, addressing the mind, body, and spirit. It supports your journey toward optimal health and vitality by aligning your energies and promoting balance.

  • Real-Time Transformation: Experience the immediate impact of binaural beats and high-frequency emission, promoting relaxation, stress reduction, and mental clarity whenever you need it.

  • Personalized Healing: With its ability to generate personalized binaural beats, Bio Cor tailors its therapeutic effects to your specific needs, offering a customized approach to wellness.

Unlock Your Full Potential with Bio Cor:

Bio Cor is your gateway to a deeper understanding of your own energy and its profound influence on your well-being. By incorporating the power of bioresonance, binaural beats, and structured water charging into your wellness regimen, you can embark on a transformative journey toward balance, vitality, and optimal health. Embrace the future of holistic wellness with Bio Cor and experience the boundless potential of your inner harmony.

Bio-Well Bio-Cor - Gaia Healers
Bio-Well Bio-Cor Sale price$699.00