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Doctors gave me two weeks to live!

Doctors gave me two weeks to live!

Being a successful entrepreneur, I had everything I could ask for when I started to have severe heart palpitations. I went for a check-up, and they told me I needed to see a cardiologist immediately. After two hours of testing and injecting me with dyes to see the blood flow, they told me I needed to place a pacemaker.

When I refused, I had to sign a release form to leave their office. This situation was a big wake-up call for me. I decided I was going to heal myself! I quit my company and started traveling the world searching for answers. I met with the top holistic doctors of our time. Shamans, and healers taught me different ways to heal myself. I was getting great results, but I would still get triggered sometimes. I was searching for a technology that would show me how my energy gets affected in real-time when I was doing meditation, breath-work, and other modalities. I was introduced to Bio-Well while I was searching on Google!

I traveled to Russia and met Dr. Korotkov to learn how to use his technology. After mastering Bio-Well and paying attention to what works and what doesn't, I realized my symptoms have disappeared. Today I know myself deeper and know that my thoughts and actions directly influence my well-being.

I am a Bio-Well global educator and distributor and operate a research and development company in beautiful Orlando, FL. I travel the world with my practitioners and attend events with amazing speakers like Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden to educate people about their energy body.

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What Is The Purpose Of Gaia Healers?

Global Healing Network

Global Healing Network

Our company specializes in bioenergy and bio-field research, focusing on the development of innovative solutions. We have built a worldwide network of skilled holistic wellness practitioners who work collaboratively to enhance the well-being of their clients. Our network includes a diverse group of experts, such as Holistic Nurses, Integrative Doctors, Coaches, Wellness Practitioners, Specialized Massage Therapists, Yoga Therapy Practitioners, Medical Doctors, and renowned educators. We extend a warm invitation for you to join us and benefit from of our expansive network.

How Can You Join Us?

Become a Bio-Well Certified Practitioner

Become a Bio-Well Certified Practitioner

Embark on your journey as a Gaia Healers practitioner by investing in the Bio-Well 3.0 bioenergy monitoring device ($2299) and enrolling in our comprehensive 12-hour course ($1200). This includes 6 hours of pre-recorded sessions on our exclusive app and 6 hours of personalized education via Zoom. Upon course completion, you'll officially become a valued affiliate of Gaia Healers, unlocking opportunities to participate in our events and receive support in building your practice. Gain access to a thriving network of fellow practitioners for collaborative ventures. Let us nurture your professional growth with care and dedication!

Learn How to Bring Balance to Your Energy Centers

Nima has created his own healing modality using crystals, essential oils, and Tachyon Technology
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Nima is a successful spiritual entrepreneur that has created multiple seven figure companies in the wellness industry.

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Bio Well sessions with Nima are so uplifting and meaningful. His calm and balanced energy fills the room even through a zoom call. His explanations are clear and very educational and his interest to make sure you understand each section is always filled with opportunities to ask questions, so that you feel comfortable and knowledgeable. His first hand experience and desire to continue learning about the energetic properties and healing benefits of our own bodies is inspiring and reassuring as we move through the training phases. Blessed to have chosen Nima to help educate me in the field.

Roxanne - Energy Therapist

I absolutely enjoyed my training with Nima. I loved his style as he is both professional and super efficient.  He goes right  to the point and focuses on the application of knowledge and practice. He also provides me with immediate feedback , and gently guides me to the correct answers allowing me to understand the issue and solve the problem myself. I feel at ease and very comfortable through my training and I look forward to our next session. In just a couple of hours I  have gained so much! I cannot wait to practice on my friends and family!!

Dr. Costina - DNM - Hypnotherapist

Nima demonstrates a sincere passion for the healing arts and it really shows in his ability to build community and bring people together in the spirit of collaboration and the sharing of methods and tools for the advancement of all. Taking the Bio-Well Certification with him not only allowed me to do so according to my own schedule which was crucial during these busy times, but he was also very clear and knowledgeable in his communications and direction which allowed us to get through a lot of material in a brief period. Thank you, Nima.

Christopher - Beauty Product Manufacturer

Well here it is, that time of year when we pay even more attention to what we are thankful for in our life. I personally have many many things I am grateful for but one thing stands out right now that I want to share. Yesterday I had such an fantastic time training with Nima for my Level 1. He is an exceptional trainer and a delight to spend time with! His explanations are clear and his analogies are very helpful. At the end of the training I felt wonderful because of the energy we shared, confident. that I'm on the right path and thankful for Nima, a mentor committed to helping others help others. Namaste

Deborah Meteraud- Sound Healer

I love the way you have helped me to better understand what the Bio-Well scans reveal to us about the person and their health. You have the ability to take a very complex subject and break it down into simple language. You bring to the training more than just the technical training but a holistic understanding of the energy within. Thank you!

Michelle R. - Reiki Master

I've just received my first zoom with Nima for my Certification.  I found Nima to be a really good teacher, he went through each stage of using the Bio-Well very clearly and interpertuted it in easy to understand terms by using easy everyday analogies.  For example, explaining the Meridian Systems as powerlines and the Charkas as Power Stations and how the energy travels from the stations down the lines, you can see what line is not getting enough power or too much power. Nima also went through all the various assessories that can used with the Bio-Well which i also found helpful if I wanted to expand my knowledge with other devices.  I would definatley recommend Nima as I got a very good understanding in just two hours on how to use by Bio-Well device. 

Carmilla M. - Doctor of Acupuncture

Thank you for your time Nima. It was really a pleasure talking to you in person.
I found my first session really insightful & intriguing on so many levels. I really can’t wait to do so much with it.. Your passion for Bio-well & how it helped you heal yourself & others is quite inspiring too.. We can't wait to have you in Egypt.

Nagla Zoiry - Pyramid Researcher

The training was more than my expectation and I’m looking forward to our next section. 

Fernando C. Jorge - Naturopath

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