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Bio-Well On Backorder! Use Discount Code "lightworker" ONLY for Bio-Well device and bundles.
Bio-Well On Backorder! Use Discount Code "lightworker" ONLY for Bio-Well device and bundles.

Bio-Well 2.0 Energy Wellness Monitoring Device Biowell GDV Camera (Special Promo)

Original price $1,899.00 - Original price $1,899.00
Original price
$1,899.00 - $1,899.00
Current price $1,899.00

"Bio-Well has been a game-changer for my healing practice."

Finally A Scientific Device To Show the Before & After Influence Of Your Energy Work So Your Customers Realize The Difference You Make.

Bio-Well 2.0 Energy Monitoring Device 2022 Model 

We are OUT OF STOCK and back-ordered on this device but have decided to make your wait worth your while. Use discount code "lightworker" to receive a 20% discount during checkout on the Bio-Well device. Orders will begin to ship towards the end of January.

Latest Technology in Biophotonics! Bring Science To Your Practice

  • Visually show someone their before & after chakra balance so they can tangibly understand their energy. This means you can provide a unique and highly valued service that they will tell all their friends about.
  • Analyze the biofield for disruptions of energy so you can focus on the points of depletion and offer specific products and services to help them stay healthy.
  • Educate customers about their biorhythms and how their emotional, physical, and mental cycles can influence their decision-making so they can plan their lives according to their astrology.
  • Generate custom meditation music based on the alignment of chakras so you can help your clients balance their energy centers and see what influences them so they can focus on what works.


Before and After Results 

Why buy from Gaia Healers? 

We are proud to be an authorized global distributor, where we can offer all the benefits that come with buying from us. You're not just another sale - you become part of our family! We have weekly meetings and share knowledge on different points of view (like how to influence chakras by sound).

Our dedicated private app will act as your support 24/7, with hundreds of practitioners eager to help! Join the movement of LIGHT, don't just buy a device. We have great plans for our practitioners and will help you grow with us.

Create Customized Meditation Music



"I was always looking for something that shows my client's before and after pictures of my energy work." 

"I need a device that shows me my chakra alignment after meditation or breath-work."

"I need a visual tool that's respected by the scientific community so I can show my clients their chakra alignment."

"Working blind is a challenge for me. I need to have a report of what systems are underactive or overactive so that I can focus on those during a session."

"I am looking for a scientific device that I can test my modalities and see how I am influencing the energetic body in real-time."

"I need a device with a good support system so when I have questions. I can get answers and support to keep me going."

"I would like to create a custom meditation music based on the alignment of chakras then restructure water with my custom frequency."

We Have The Solution for you!

  • Express Energy Assessment

  • Before & After Analysis

  • Custom Solfeggio Music 

  • Energy & Wellness Analysis

  • Emotional & Physiological Analysis

  • Sympathetic & Parasympathetic Balance 

  • Chakra Reports

  • Meridian Energy Flow Reports

Subscription Fee

Bio-Well uses a server to keep the data on the cloud, so you can always access your data no matter what computer is being used. This also prevents you from losing your information if your computer's hard drive fails. For this reason, we offer two different subscriptions. The first option is $20 a month for unlimited usage and the second option is $2 for 24 hrs usage. Most practitioners choose the unlimited plan! You can also get a discount if you pay for the entire year.

Success Stories

" I have helped many practitioners around the world bridge spirituality with science. Everyone loves this science and raves about how many people they have helped in their communities." -Nima Farshid Global Educator & Distributor.

" This device has taken my healing practice to a whole new level. Being able to visually show people their before & after has been extremely effective." - Paul Lowell Reiki Master, Sound Healer, Shaman


We work with different shipping partners around the world. We can deliver a device to you in your country shipped from a close region. We also have our custom brokers, so you don't have to worry about customs. You will, however be responsible for import fees.

 Return Policy

We only accept returns on manufacturer defects.



Paul Lowell, Reiki Master, Shaman





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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Fernando C. Jorge
Training was more than my expectation

The training was more than my expectation and Im looking forward to our next section.Namaste

Nima demonstrates a sincere passion for the healing arts

Nima demonstrates a sincere passion for the healing arts and it really shows in his ability to build community and bring people together in the spirit of collaboration and the sharing of methods and tools for the advancement of all. Taking the Bio-Well Certification with him not only allowed me to do so according to my own schedule which was crucial during these busy times, but he was also very clear and knowledgeable in his communications and direction which allowed us to get through a lot of material in a brief period. Thank you, Nima.

Rachel, SRK
Nima is an excellent teacher!

Nima is an excellent teacher! He is attentive and is genuinely happy to answeryour questions. He has a great ability to explain things and made me feel safe to ask questions and double-check my understanding of the information before moving on to the next topic. I'm a visual learner so his examples from the device along with his metaphorical examples were really insightful and helpful in understanding this amazing technology. I'm very grateful for his help and am so excited to learn more!

Nagla Zoiry
First session really insightful & intriguing

Thank you for your time Nima. It was really a pleasure talking to you in person.I found my first session really insightful & intriguing on so many levels. I really cant wait to do so much with it.. Your passion for Bio-well & how it helped you heal yourself & others is quite inspiring too.We can't wait to have you in Egypt.

Deborah Meteraud
Fantastic time training with Nima

Well here it is, that time of year when we pay even more attention to what we are thankful for in our life. I personally have many many things I am grateful for but one thing stands out right now that I want to share. Yesterday I had such an fantastic time training with Nima for my Level 1. He is an exceptional trainer and a delight to spend time with! His explanations are clear and his analogies are very helpful. At the end of the training I felt wonderful because of the energy we shared, confident. that I'm on the right path and thankful for Nima, a mentor committed to helping others help others. Namaste