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Bio-Well Advanced Level 1 Certification Course (12 hours)

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I have attended training with most USA educators and this training goes beyond any other Bio-Well educator. 100% money-back guarantee!!! That's how confident we are in our training and how much you will learn with us.

This is a 6-Day comprehensive training session. 

Here is what's included:

Day 1- Bio-Well introduction. (2 hours)

Day 2- Basic Certification Training. (2 hours)

Day 3- Interpretation of data from my database. (2 hours)

Day 4- Accessory Training. (2 hours)

Day 5- Hands-on experiment. (2 hours)

Day 6- Q & A on everything covered. (2 hours)

You also get:

  • Access to a Private Quantum Healing Community App with over 400 holistic and Bio-Well practitioners. ($997.00 Value)
  • Access to FREE holistic healing and Integrative Medicine courses. ($7500.00 Value)
  • Access to Bio-Well 5-Day Challenge ($500.00 Value)
  • Bio-Well Weekly Office Hours for continuing your education. ($699.00 Value)

After your purchase is complete, you will receive links to each event.


Nima is one of the global trainers for Bio-Well. He met Bio-Well on his healing journey when medical doctors gave him two weeks to live.

Through his extensive research on the subtle body, he healed his symptoms without medication or surgery using the information from the Bio-Well device.

He is certified to teach Planet Earth. He has been researching and testing Bio-Well globally for many years and has completed scans on hundreds of people.

He actively works with inventors to test the effect of their products on the vital body. He received training from Dr. Korotkov, the inventor of Bio-Well.

He has also learned from the leading scientists of our time, for example, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Greg Bradon, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Masaru Emoto, Dr. Nassim Haramein, and Dr. Rubert Sheldrake.

He currently helps doctorate students to do scientific research to complete their dissertations. He can't wait to share his knowledge with you!

Customer Reviews

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Isabel S
I am very satisfied with the Biowell certification class!!!

Today was my last session and I can say that I feel confident in using Biowell on my office. I would recommend this course. The instructor is very knowledgeable, answers all the questions with patience and care and he is very passionate about this technology.