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Bio-Well 3.0 is available for pre-sale! Order here!
Bio-Well 3.0 is available for pre-sale! Order here!

Y-Age Carnosine Patches

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  • Clinically shown to increase stamina by up to 125%*
  • Improves strength and flexibility
  • Improves overall health
  • Improves bioelectrical properties of organs
  • Exclusive form of acupressure
  • No drugs, chemicals or stimulants

*After 3 weeks of use.

Contains (1) Y-Age Carnosine sleeve with 30 patches.

Initial Order Money Back Guarantee for Customers & Distributors.

Y-Age Carnosine – Learn To Patch from LifeWave, Inc. on Vimeo.

How do the patches work if nothing enters the body?
LifeWave patches are an advanced form of phototherapy. The patches contain organic crystals, that when stimulated by body heat, reflect low levels of light in the infrared and visible band. When placed on the body, the patches stimulate nerves and points on the skin to produce health benefits not obtainable with any other product on the market today. FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared) substantiates this phenomenon.

Are the patches safe to use?
The patches are non-transdermal, meaning that nothing enters the body. Additionally, LifeWave uses a patch adhesive that is hypoallergenic. If you have a health condition, please consult your physician before using LifeWave products. Have the patches been independently tested? LifeWave has completed over 70 clinical studies that prove the patch products improve health and wellness. For a complete library of the publicly available clinical research studies, visit the Lifewave science page.

How long can I wear the patches on my body?
The patches may be worn for up to twelve hours. Discard the patch after use and wear a new patch with each use.

Where do you apply the patches for best results?
Each patch product has its own list of recommended placements along with detailed instructions for use. Refer to the appropriate Instructions for Use Booklet for recommended placements for each product.

Can the patches be combined?
Yes, different patch types can be combined in the following ways:

Silent Nights: Generally, we recommend using Silent Nights by itself at night. However, pain sufferers may want to use it in combination with IceWave. If you find that IceWave makes it difficult to sleep at night, simply go back to using Silent Nights on its own.

Energy Enhancer: It’s recommended to use one set of Energy Enhancer patches, but it’s okay to use two sets together. Energy Enhancer patches can also be used with Y-Age Aeon and Y-Age Glutathione or with Y-Age Aeon and Y-Age Carnosine. It’s also acceptable to use Energy Enhancer patches together with Y-Age Glutathione and Y-Age Carnosine.

Y-Age patches: It’s okay to use any two of the Y-Age products together. However, we do not recommend using all three Y-Age products simultaneously.

SP6 Complete: SP6 Complete can be used on its own or combined with Y-Age products in the same way as the Energy Enhancer patches described above.

IceWave: IceWave can be used on its own, with Silent Nights or combined with Y-Age patches in the same way as the Energy Enhancer patches described above.

Can anyone use the LifeWave patches?
Anyone with a serious health condition is urged to contact a healthcare professional before using the patches. Also, individuals who are pregnant and/or nursing should not use the patches.

What is in the patches?
The patches contain a patented blend including amino acids, water, stabilized oxygen, and natural organic compounds. None of the materials in the patch enter the body.

What is carnosine and what are its benefits?
Carnosine is a naturally occurring antioxidant in the body, of which production declines with age. Studies on carnosine show that it plays a vital role in overall health and has many anti-aging benefits. In clinical studies, carnosine has also been shown to improve flexibility, strength, balance and endurance.

What will I feel when wearing the Y-Age Carnosine patch?
As is the case with the other Y-Age patches, you may note some initial detoxification symptoms. Some people have reported a sedative effect when using Carnosine. If you find this to be true for you, try wearing this patch in the evening.

How soon can I expect to see results with Y-Age Carnosine?
Although individual results may vary, many people note an immediate detoxification reaction and initial improvements in energy levels within days of patch use. We recommend 90 days of Y-Age patch use for more significant anti-aging benefits.

Can the Carnosine patch improve my skin?
Yes! When combined with both Y-Age Glutathione and Y-Age Aeon, you can expect to see improvement in skin color, texture and depth of wrinkles around the eyes and mouth in as little as two weeks.


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