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Join The Holistic Wellness Congress Nov 10-12th, Orlando Hilton
Join The Holistic Wellness Congress Nov 10-12th, Orlando Hilton

Tachyon Charged Vogel Crystal AAA Quality Crystal Quartz

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Marcel Vogel’s Crystal Technology

This crystal has been charged with Tachyon energy.

Tachyons are subatomic particles that travel faster than the speed of light. They turn chaos into order! You can use it to help relieve pain.

Crystals are like memory cards; the information stored on them gives them specific powers. We have tested these crystals with Bio-Well and can measure a difference in reducing overactivity and increasing focus and clarity by activating the pineal gland.

Marcel Vogel (1917-1991) worked with IBM for 27 years, creating the magnetic coating for disc drives and creating LCD (Liquid Crystal Displays) technologies.

Vogel had remarkable spiritual abilities.  In one experiment, Vogel focused his mind on an oleate of cholesterol for an hour while visualizing the Blessed Mother.  His mind's imprint imprinted the mental image into visible appearance in the cholesterol's liquid crystals.  Vogel thereby demonstrated the reality of Crystals receiving and holding stable imprints coming directly from the human mind. 

After retirement from IBM in 1984, Vogel started Psychic Research Inc. (PRI), where he conducted original research into advanced crystal technologies and the structuring of water as an information medium.

Vogel received a spiritual vision of a very powerful Crystal design for Healing, Information Storage and Transfer, and Energy Activation, which became famous in the 1980s as the “Vogel Crystal.”  The Vogel Crystal is based on the pattern of the “Tree of Life.”

Tree of lifeVogel Crystal


The Creation of the “Vogel Crystal” and the Secrets to its Power.

Vogel knew that crystals are powerful information storage, transmission, and amplification systems that could be imprinted and programmed by the human mind. He experimented with the optimal forming of Quartz Crystal to optimize its energetic functions, resulting in his receiving a vision of the Tree of Life as the key pattern for cutting the crystal.

The Tree of Life pattern formed into a Vogel crystal creates double terminations with different angles.  This operates like a Laser, with the energy flow between the two points creating a powerful coherent beam of energy coming out of the more sharply pointed end, which is referred to as the ‘male’ end or ‘firing tip’; the opposite tip is the ‘female’ receptive end.

Vogel cut the female receptive tip to tune it to the interlattice angle of Quartz Crystal itself, which is 52 degrees; this is also the slope angle of the Great Pyramid at Giza Plateau in Egypt.  That angle of 52 degrees is also in harmonic resonance with the intermolecular bonding angle for water, which is 104 degrees (double the interlattice angle of the Crystal).  This is the receptive, primary energy intake end.

The Vogel Crystal thus activates the natural internal matrix of the Crystal itself and also resonates with pure water.  The Bones, Tissues, and Cells of the human body are themselves crystalline matrices, with the majority of the body being water.  Water is a liquid crystal with tremendous information and energy storage potential.  The Vogel Crystal can help to optimally structure the information field in water or any liquid or crystalline matrix, including the Human Body and Energy Field.

The male firing tip of the Vogel Crystal is always cut to a sharper angle than the receptive tip so that the energy flows primarily out of this point. 

Although not described by Vogel, the Tree of Life pattern is an important energetic structure in the human energy field which is consciously crystallized and stabilized in higher-level spiritual initiation practices.  The Vogel Crystal is a master tool to activate this Tree of Life pattern in the human energy field.  

Because of the Vogel Crystal being formed into the optimal resonant shape for cohering thought and energy, it is a master healing tool.  Any thought put into it can be held, amplified, and can be transmitted energetically into other systems.

A Vogel Crystal is both an optimal “Activation” crystal and an optimal “Projection” crystal.  When used for Activation, it is held in the left hand (or whichever hand is receptive for the person).  It will activate and strengthen all 7 chakra major energy centers in the human body; this is generally beneficial and acts to strengthen a person’s energy field.  As an ‘Activation’ crystal, it draws energy into our body while we are projecting energy out of the right (or active) hand so that the healer stays energetically charged and does not get depleted by the healing.  In the right hand, held is a powerful ‘Projection’ crystal, sending powerful, coherent, focused energy to a client or any desired recipient (including charging other crystals or other uses).  

However, for extracting large amounts of toxic energy, the ‘Prana’ cut is optimal for a crystal (single termination).

Sizes:  Although any size is theoretically possible, for practical purposes of cutting, they usually range from a small size of 3.5 inches up to around a foot in length.  Most are between 3.5 to 5 inches.  It is getting increasingly difficult to find good quality quartz crystal that is relatively clear in the larger sizes.  For this reason, plus other factors of cutting difficulty, there is a logarithmic increase in price with the increase in size.  

Materials:  Clear Quartz Crystal.  

Clarity:  Although the clarity of the stone is highly prized, Vogel and his assistants found that stones did not have to be completely clear to be effective.  In some cases, stones with some internal clouding, occlusions, etc., may be more powerful than completely clear stones.  Every stone is an individual being, with its own intrinsic energy nature.  Stones that are not completely optically clear should not be disregarded; they may have important qualities of their own added to the Vogel Crystal.

Number of Sides:  The first Vogel Crystals were four-sided; later variants added more sides, such as 6, 8, 12, or 16.  Vogel found that as the number of sides increased, the more the energy was amplified coming out of the firing tip.  One concept regarding this is that the female end draws in the energy, which as it travels down the ‘C’ axis to the firing tip is then reflected by each facet inward, resulting in a faster spin rate of the energy.

Vogel, in some cases, related the number of sides to different levels of subtle body structure, with the lower number of sides being more toward the physical and etheric level, higher number of sides being more resonant on higher plane / subtle body levels.  From this perspective, a higher number of sides is not necessarily always ‘better’; lower numbers of sides may be more tuned into particular levels of structure.  In any case, any Vogel Crystal can be used for all purposes regardless of the number of sides.