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Bio-Well 3.0 is available for pre-sale! Order here!
Bio-Well 3.0 is available for pre-sale! Order here!


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The SPIRO® SQUARE X is an on-the-go strong EMF personal protection system for those who constantly move through highly polluted and high-tech spaces, such as hospitals, office buildings, airports, planes, terminals, trains, IT offices, etc. This product has a 13.77 ft  (4.20 m) radius action range, and you can carry it wherever you go in your purse, bag, or pocket. Laboratory tests have shown this EMF protection system is fully compatible with electronics and wireless devices, optimizing their operation, their connectivity, and lengthening their useful life.

SPIRO® SQUARE X is a 3.94-inch x 3.94-inch portable device inches (10 cm x 10 cm), thicker than SPIRO® SQUARE, being more resistant for portable use. This product is capable of protecting the user with a filtering power equivalent to 110% of a SPIRO® DISC, but in a nearer action range, intended for individuals on the move, like someone moving through public areas, children at school, frequent travelers who must visit train or air terminals, public transportation drivers, among others. The product has 21 films for a filtering power of 7.    

It has a reinforced formulation for telecommunications signals of multiple frequency bands and it is especially recommended as personal protection for technical workers who use multiple electronic devices and frequent places of greater exposure.  



SPIRO® formulation specialized in multiple wireless Radiation and external devices. The product will protect users from the harmful effects of electrosmog, filtering the radiation emissions you are exposed to as a result of multiple electronic devices operating simultaneously around you and high-frequency wireless signals.

How does it work?

The SPIRO® SQUARE X is based on the patented and scientifically proven NOXTAK® technology: a nanocomposite material (nanotechnology) that absorbs and filters micro-interferences and disturbances in artificially-generated EMF radiation by organizing radiation spins (Spin Radiation Organizer – SPIRO®), which makes it behave the same way as beneficial natural EMFs. 

This product contains 21 broad-spectrum SPIRO® films, giving it a protection area of ​​27.55 feet or 8.40 meters in diameter (4.20 meters in radius) against microwave background radiation. 

Unlike anti-radiation products, SPIRO® SQUARE X is the only solution that protects you from all types of radiation emitted by devices, such as Wi-Fi and wireless signals, as well as from the generation of ELF fields, while reducing interference and improving the connectivity, operation, and energy efficiency of your devices.

How to use it?

We recommend placing the SPIRO® SQUARE X in your pocket, bag, or fanny pack. Keep it near you while you move through public spaces, offices, or outdoors.


Benefits of the SPIRO® SQUARE X

  • Wider reinforced protection field around you while you move.
  • Filters and protects from the multiple harmful emissions you are exposed to daily.
  • Reduces multiple interferences and optimizes connectivity between devices.
  • Reduces static and prolongs electronics’ useful life.

Studies have shown an improvement in Heart Rate Variability and a better response in situations of work stress and anxiety has also been reported, increasing the benefits with the time of permanent use. 


  • SPIRO® Filter Power: 7.0 (21 SPIRO® films)
  • Power Density RFR: 4.59 mW/cm² 
  • AC Electrical Field Capacity: 6.80 v/m (ELF)
  • AC Magnetic Flux: 189 mG / 18.9 uT 
  • Durability: 7 years (test in progress)
  • Range of action in radius: 13.77 ft / 4.20 m (spherical)
  • Diameter range of action: 27.55 ft / 8.40 m (spherical)
  • Film frequency range: 0 Hz to 1 x 10¹⁵ Hz (10 THz)
  • Film film Curie temperature: 1011.2 °F (544 °C )
  • Built for Telecommunications 0.3 GHz to 35 GHz

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