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Join The Holistic Wellness Congress Nov 10-12th, Orlando Hilton
Join The Holistic Wellness Congress Nov 10-12th, Orlando Hilton

Massage Wand Vogel Cut Tachyon Charged (Tachenite) Crystal Quartz

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How Can You Reduce Overactivity In Minutes Without Using Technology?

Hey, did you know that you can reduce stress and overactivity by using this crystal?

I know it sounds crazy, but medical doctors have done scientific research and proven that crystal quartz is excellent for reducing anxiety and overactivity.

If you look at the memory chip of your computer, it's made of silicon. Silicon is made of many microcrystals. IBM researchers proved that crystals are the best element to store information. 

With proper training and practice, anxiety and overactivity can be removed from the system and stored in the crystal.

This massage wand is incredibly powerful for working on chakras and meridians. It has been tachyonized, which means it has been programmed with tachyon energy. There are two sides:

  • Round End - Make it great for massaging the acupuncture points on the feet.
  • The Sharp End - Concentrates and amplifies the intention of the healer.

Crystals are as powerful as the information they hold. Imagine a computer again, if there are no programs installed, it's not very functional, but once we install applications, the computer becomes more powerful.

Tachyons are subatomic particles that travel faster than the speed of light and bring harmony and balance. Once we get them close to our energetic field, they will bring us to balance due to the laws of resonance.

I am a master of energy therapy, and I have helped reduce stress in thousands of people with this method. I have done many Bio-Well scans that show how the energy gets influenced and comes to more coherence. We have sold many of these crystals, and everyone has been pleased.

Grab Yours Today and Learn How To Reduce Stress!