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Bio-Well Next Day Delivery Available!
Bio-Well Next Day Delivery Available!

Gaia Healers Quantum Practitioner Course

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This is a self-paced course created for you to further your knowledge in Quantum Health. This course is designed with Bio-Well in mind, and we will delve into the most amazing science of body and mind, master meditation, and learn how you can deepen your state of living.

Topics covered are:

  • Holistic Anatomy
    -Introduction to Holistic Human Anatomy and the Biofield
    -Taoist Medicine and the Light Circulatory System
    -Taoist Medicine, Quantum State, and Field
    -The Five Bodies of Consciousness
    -Rainbow Body, Consciousness Acupuncture, and Taoist Medicine
    -Meridians: Locality (Bongham) and Nonlocality (Uncertainty)
    -Subtle Physiology, Light and Sound Nature of Chi
    -Coherence and Conclusion

  • Digital Biofeedback
    -Introduction to Biofeedback
    -Digital Technologies
    -Heart Coherence (Empowerment of the Breath)
    -Using Quartz Crystals with Breathing and Meditation
    -Brain Coherence (Calm the Mind and Be Still)
    -Meditation and Quantum Physics

  • Heart Rate Variability
    -Heart Rate Variability
    -Monitoring Meditation with Muse 2
    -HeartMath: HRV and Coherence Applications
    -Communicating HRV to Clients/Consumers
    -Earth Magnetics

  • Neurofeedback
    The Extraordinary Brain
    Limbic System
    The Extraordinary Brain: Rewiring
    Neurofeedback: The Path to Change
    Neurofeedback: Application

    Morphology and Pro-Consciousness
    Making the Mind Matter