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Bio-Well 3.0 is available for pre-sale! Order here!
Bio-Well 3.0 is available for pre-sale! Order here!

Gaia Healers Quantum Practitioner Course (Includes a FREE Bio-Well 2.0, Limited Time Offer!)

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Current price $4,500.00

 This is a self-paced course created to further your knowledge in Quantum Health. This course is designed with Bio-Well in mind, and we will delve into the incredible science of body and mind, master meditation, and learn how you can deepen your state of living.


Topics covered are:

  • Photonic Anatomy
    -Introduction to Photonic Anatomy
    -Energy Center Analysis
    -Energy Flow and Directions
    -Blockage Side Effects
    -Physiological relation to the energy body

  • Photobiomodulation 
    -Introduction to Photobiomodulation
    -Photobiomodulation and Bio-Well Analysis
    -Patch Placement
    -Meridian Science and Patch Recommendation

  • Bio-Well Analysis
    -Introduction to Biofield Science
    -Kirlian Photography
    -Biorhythm Analysis and future perdiction
    -Yin Yang Analysis & Detailed Information
    -Sympathetic Parasympathetic Balance Analysis

  • Heart Balance Training
    -Heart Rate Variability
    -Access to FREE Breath Training app for you and your clients
    -Quick Coherence Technique
    -Learn how to work with Inner Balance HeartMath

  • Quantum Acupuncture
    -Crystal Science and Properties
    -Understanding the flow of meridians
    -Intention training for connection to the higher self
    -Healing Breath Work Technique

  • Remote Healing Science by Quantum Engineering
    -Introduction to Quantum Healing
    -Concept of Non-Locality in Remote Healing
    -Training in Quantum Engineering Software
    -Digital Dowsing Technique
    -Learn how to Disconnect and Clear effectively

  • Tachyon Particles & Quantum Healing Science
    -Introduction to Tachyon Science and History
    -Bio-Well Research on Tachyon Technology
    -Methods to Remove Overactivity

Course Bonus:

- FREE Bio-Well 2.0 $1899 Value (Limited Time Offer)