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Crystal Quartz Tachyon Energy Chakra Set - Advanced Chakra Healing Crystals Kit for Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Balancing

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Benefits of our tachyon charged chakra alignment kit:

  • As soon as you placed these hand-polished, hand-carved crystals, you will feel an amazingly calming effect.
  • These highly energetic crystal quartz are charged for life! The carved symbols represent a single note of music in Sanskrit.
  • This advanced chakra balancing kit is charged with tachyon energy to amplify its effect.
  • By focusing on the symbol and following it with our eyes, we can activate that energy center. Each engraving is filled with the corresponding color associated with that energy center. You can look at the color and visualize that shade of color to reintroduce that frequency to your energetic body.
  • The box is beautiful and made of wood; it makes a great gift item. Give them a try; you will love them!